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Educational resources of the Internet - English. ОГЭ - английский язык. ЕГЭ - английский язык. Топики по английскому языку. ГДЗ по английскому языку. Учебные пособия на англ. Some people are fond of shopping. Others consider it to be a waste of time.

Different people have different attitude to shopping. It is usually considered that all women love shopping, while all men hate it. In reality there are women who are indifferent to the process of purchasing things and there are men who find shopping to be the best entertainment. Personally, I like shopping. To my mind, it is a wonderful leisure activity. I often go shopping just to pass the time, to get pleasure or to plan a later purchase.

Besides, sometimes I make purchases online. It is very fast and convenient. You have access to the information about the particular product and you can look at it. It helps you save much time and effort and encourages you to purchase more products.

However, some people hate shopping and consider it to be a terrible waste of time and money. It drives them crazy to look for the things they need and to wait in long lines to buy them. They prefer to purchase everything they need in the nearest supermarket.

Sometimes they buy clothes in the sales without paying attention to their quality and price.

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But I think that department stores and supermarkets save plenty of time and make our lives easier. Some people like supermarkets and shopping centers. However, others say that they have too many disadvantages. Nowadays there are a lot of shops, supermarkets and shopping centers in every city.

Some of us are fond of spending our free time there. But the increasing number of supermarkets and shopping centers worry a lot of people. Personally, I am fond of supermarkets and shopping centers. A supermarket usually offers you a wide choice of goods and you can buy food, clothes, toys, books, disks and electrical goods under a single roof. Nowadays everything is done in order to make shopping more convenient. Many shops work 24 hours.

So food and drinks are available at night. Some supermarkets offer extra services such as cafes, pharmacies, banks or children centers. However, many people prefer small shops to big ones. There are usually crowds and long lines in supermarkets. So there is always noise and hustle there.

Perhaps, there are too many supermarkets and shopping centers nowadays. They make us buy more and more goods. Shops attract the buyer with advertising, discounts and lottery. A lot of supermarkets use the so-called psychological prices: Some people are addicted to shopping. They get great pleasure from buying things and they often make useless and unplanned purchases.

To sum up, I think that supermarkets and shopping centers are very useful. But when you go there, you should try to be economical and buy only the things you need. Otherwise, you risk spending too much money. Some people enjoy buying different things, while others say that our lives would be better if we bought fewer goods.

To buy or not to buy? That is the question. Modern society is often called consumer society, because buying goods and services is considered to be very important. What people need depends on their age, character, way of life and other factors.

But do we really need as much as we buy? Personally, I am fond of shopping.

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However, some people say that if we bought only what we needed, there would be enough for everybody. If we buy fewer goods, we will become "conservers" because it will help save natural resources. Some products have too much packaging, creating more rubbish and causing pollution. We will reduce our working day and we will have more spare time. It will give us an opportunity to go in for sports, to travel and what not.

To conclude, when we go shopping, we should think about what we really need to buy. It is also useful not to take much money with you and to make a list of goods you need, so that you will not be influenced by advertisements, discounts or promotions.

Our lives may become happier and healthier if we buy less. Some people think that excessive shopping is a hobby and the way to spend your free time. Others say that shopaholism is a disease with its specific symptoms.

Many people, especially women, consider shopping to be a leisure activity. They go shopping to pass the time and to get pleasure.

However, love for shopping is all right until it turns into addiction. To my mind, shopaholism is becoming a global problem, with the growth of advertizing and online trading. It can be compared with smoking, alcoholism or drug abuse. People who are addicted to shopping say that the act of buying gives them a high like a drug. Shopaholics often feel satisfaction when they are in the process of purchasing.

Shopping gives them a sort of euphoria and excitement. It helps them forget about their sorrow. But there is usually a feeling of disappointment afterwards, followed by guilt. Shopaholics feel either regretful or depressed when they get home. Some people become so ashamed of their problem that they may commit suicide. Furthermore, shopaholism leads to emotional, social and financial problems. The consequences also include ruined relationships, health problems, extreme levels of debt or even theft.

Nevertheless, some people do not realize how destructive the nature of shopaholism is. But they must understand that shopaholism is not just love for shopping. I think that people who are addicted to shopping must receive treatment for shopaholism. To conclude, shopaholism is a serious disorder which can lead to numerous problems. If you catch the trouble early, the problem may be easy to fix. Из учебного пособия "Открывая мир с английским языком.

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